Follow the Complete Transaction

OperationsBridge™ monitors and tracks transactions end-to-end, from payment source to payment completion. With enough detail to perform immediate root-cause analysis, we deliver the most accurate representation of the end-user experience.

Business Dashboards

Manage your key performance indicators and identify priority actions with customizable, interactive dashboards providing end-to-end data from a variety of sources.


Flexibility to create, modify and enhance SLA criteria based business and operational needs and giving real-time deep-data analysis capability, helps SLA criteria correction instantly.

Boost Transaction Completion by 30-40%

Reduce the time to isolate and resolve issues by monitoring the end-to-end path of any transaction including network, equipment pass-through, processors, etc. and avoid error-prone components.

Set and Receive Real-time Alerts

Continuously monitor your transaction throughput rates and generate real-time alerts on key metric exceptions and anomalies that can be escalated for investigation of fraud.

Request Datasheets

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