Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

The OperationsBridge™ Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Agent is a lightweight software agent designed for ATMs/self-service devices across multi-vendor environments. It helps replace on-site field technician visits with remote maintenance and upgrades, resulting in savings, improved device availability, and higher customer satisfaction.

Switch Independence

RMM agent can work independently or in conjunction with the Switch to collect additional data for your business.

Vendor Agnostic

Works with any brand, make, or model of ATM that supports industry standard CEN/XFS monitoring.

Security and Compliance

All data communication between the agent and server is encrypted and compressed. All communications are PCI Compliant.

Real-time Visibility and Response

Notifications, alerts, and escalations occur automatically and preemptively; making automated device or module resets possible and saving time.

Electronic Journal (EJ) Management

With EJ Browser, download and search EJ files in a readable format for detailed diagnostics or dispute resolution.

Zero Impact

Agent has zero-impact on performance and network capabilities.

Inventory Management

Collect hardware, software (e.g. OS, applications) and peripheral information that impacts fleet management costs.

Command and Control

Execute scripts, commands remotely on any ATM.

Software and Content Distribution

Upgrade, patch, bug fix, upload campaign files, and more.

Request Datasheets

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