Meet OperationsBridge™

OperationsBridge™ is a comprehensive multi-vendor, multi-tenant device/ATM management platform offering robust transaction analytics, availability monitoring, remote management, and incident management in a single integrated solution.

ONE Platform for All Your Needs

Manage all banking—or non-banking—transactions within one device/ATM monitoring platform, increasing operational efficiency and productivity gains by 15-20%.

Scalable Solutions

Adapt to future trends/changes such as branch transformation and mobile payments with OperationsBridge's™ simple, extensible architecture.


Utilize our platform's user-friendly, plug-n-play configuration to add any brand of self-service terminal or ATM, at any time, to your fleet.


Provide your customers with complete control of their ATM infrastructure. Create isolated customer segments that are secure, with specific dashboards, reports, and workflows.

More Data, More Control

Proactively discover & address faults and usage trends by collecting end-to-end device/ATM and transaction data via the OperationsBridge™ platform.

Improved TCO

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by an average 25-35% through fewer service calls, faster resolution time and proactive fault resolution on the platform.

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