Deploy Fast and Scale: Trusted Software for On-Demand Services

For Financial Service Providers
that are looking to expand their footprint into ATM management.

For Independent ATM Deployers
serving a large network of customers with unique reporting, workflow and service needs.

Multi-tenant Architecture

With a future-proofed design for multi-tenancy, OperationsBridge™ is a natural choice for MSPs. Customer segmentation and customer data visibility without compromising security are available out-of-the-box.

Customizable Reports

Powerful reporting tools in the OperationsBridge™ platform allow MSPs to define and design reports for each customer on-demand.

Customizable Dashboards

Create unique dashboards to address your customers' unique challenges while using their variables, including time sensitivity, seasonality, geography, and more.

Customizable Workflows

OperationsBridge™ helps MSPs define unique workflows for each customer based on their requirements and expertise, allowing them to promote productivity gains.

The OperationsBridge™ Platform

ESQ's industry-leading technology gives you the ability to control all aspects of device management, transactions, and provisioning.

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