Improve Your ATM Management TCO By 15% or More

According to a recent survey, half of all financial institutions are actively working on replacing their ATM monitoring solution.

ESQ's next-generation OperationsBridge™ platform is the best solution available today.

One Platform

OperationsBridge™ allows you to analyze, manage, operate and deliver service for any device/ATM in your fleet. Comprehensive life cycle reporting, to the transaction level, is one reason why OperationsBridge™ is superior to any other platform.


With a single management platform, OperationsBridge™ manages all ATMs and payment devices you have deployed, from any manufacturer—out-of-the-box. No customization means speedy implementation and an immediate positive impact on service delivery.

Reporting & Insights

Manage multi-channel banking with a robust, future-proofed management platform. OperationsBridge™ provides simplified, easy to maintain ATM operations management with robust end-to-end reporting customizable for your workflow.

The OperationsBridge™ Platform

ESQ's industry-leading technology gives you the ability to control all aspects of device management, transactions, and provisioning.

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