Transaction Analyzer

Understand your customer by gathering records of each ATM transaction. Thoroughly analyze response times, approval rates, TPS and more.

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    Cash Management
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    Electronic Journal Parsing
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    Online Transactions Monitoring
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    Transaction Details
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    Transaction Activity Analysis
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    Approval & Decline Monitoring

Key Features

Customized reports
Dynamic dashboards
Intelligent analytics
Real-time alerts
Ad-hoc query and analysis
Data integration from multiple sources
Self-service BI capability
Data-mining and trend analysis
Simple and intuitive setup

Performance Indicators

Transaction throughput & response times
Interchange response times
Response code views
BINS with excessive denials
Transaction profiles
Trend analysis of transaction data
Cash availability
ATM transaction activity & fault statistics
Service provider dashboards

Actionable Intelligence

Transaction Analyzer gleans insights from the wealth of data collected from the many data sources from the ATM network. This data unveils a deep understanding of the user experience, promotional effectiveness, profits drivers and other factors. This untapped resource is only growing in importance where only roughly a third of institutions take advantage of it.

Promotional Effectiveness

ATM machines are incredibly powerful for promotional campaigns to sell other goods and services. Transaction Analyzer collects user data, promotional KPIs, loyalty, LTV and other variables. The collected data drives the right promotion for the right audience more effectively and eliminates poor campaigns.

Data Rich Experience

Transaction Analyzer empowers financial institutions with an edge over the competition by providing a data-rich end-to-end understanding of the entire transaction lifecycle. This data provides financial institutions with complete visibility of revenue generation and customer retention through a best of class experience.

Profit Drivers

To maximize profitability of the ATM network, as much data as possible needs to be collected. Transaction Analyzer captures this data over the entire transaction lifecycle and provides thorough drill down analysis. It compares performance throughout the estate against various KPIs, explores possible enchancements and identifies underperformance.

Customer Experience

A satisfied customer is the barometer of business success. With Transaction Analyzer, institutions capture all transactional steps and take corrective measures in real-time to improve the total customer experience. Transaction Analyzer provides institutions additional value by providing a customized customer experience for events based on time sensitivity, location and other factors.


When a customer is at an ATM machine, the expectation is that the transaction will be completed quickly and accurately. By this metric, under-performing ATM machines will lose revenue. Transaction Analyzer reduces performance issues by collecting a kaleidoscope of KPIs to make informed data-driven decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Transaction Analyzer is a foundation for predictive analytics by identifying patterns in the existing ATM data set and extrapolating those patterns to estimate what is most likely to occur next. Built-in algorithms analyze KPIs to understand the customer engagement patterns for optimization.

Transaction Analyzer enterprise clients have seen reduced service errors by up to 50% and mean-time-to-repair (MTR) by 10-15%. This was achieved by setting fault thresholds with predictive analytics that identify the need for initial corrective actions such as dispatching field service staff to rectify problems before machines completely fail and impact customers. Failure patterns are further analyzed for trigger root cause analysis for incident prevention.

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