ESQ’s Training and Certification division aims to provide comprehensive training on the ESQ suite of products, with the objective of enabling optimal use and efficient functioning of our solutions, thus ensuring a higher ROI for our customers. Training courses are delivered both on site and online to ensure maximum enrollment and rapid assimilation of product knowledge required for efficient operations and support.

World-Class Training and Education with ESQ

Our training and certifications help you leverage the power of ESQ solutions and ensure greater proficiency in using these solutions. With both instructor-led and online courses, our repertoire of training solutions helps you manage your talent and enable end users.

For organizations to get the most from their ESQ product investments, executives need to understand the entire gamut of features and the full potential of ESQ solutions. This is exactly the need that our growing catalog of highly interactive, web-based training programs addresses. A comprehensive catalog thus not only imparts users the right skills to use our products effectively but also meets organizations demands of ensuring timely workforce enablement.

What’s more, whether you are an ESQ partner or a customer, you will find a suitable training module in our role-based certificate training for all ESQ products and relevant technologies. Our training programs incorporate effective instructional elements such as simulations based on real-life scenarios. The training therefore helps users gain a strong understanding of ESQ solutions and how these solutions aid in the role-specific business processes in line with the overall corporate strategy.

Our Training Curriculum

ESQ’s training curriculum caters to the content requirements for a range of professionals, including experienced consultants, administrators, end users, and executives. Our courses are based on real-world business scenarios and use the latest learning methodologies to provide an e-learning environment that enables users to be more productive when using ESQ solutions.

Product-Specific Training

  • OperationsBridge™
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Data Analyzer
  • Transaction Analyzer
  • Automated Operator
  • Vision

Role-Specific Training and Certification

Role-specific training on ESQ’s solutions aims to meet the knowledge requirements of each role. Therefore, users, administrators, developers, implementation experts, and architects undergo training that helps them be efficient in their capacities. In addition, the ESQ certification attached to each training program provides authorization in the participants skills and knowledge of ESQ products and solutions. With ESQ certification, organizations are assured that users in critical roles know everything relevant to be effective and efficient.

  • End User Training: Aims to help every user become productive and ensure greater adoption of ESQ solutions in the organization. With the training, end users get more confident and productive and the organization gains by getting the fastest ROI for the implemented solutions.
  • Administrators/Support Training: Aims to help administrators keep ESQ solutions up and running. Administrators are critical to an organization’s success, and this training helps them get the core knowledge needed to deliver their job responsibilities effectively.
  • Implementers/Consultant Training: Aims to ensure consultants have complete knowledge of the potential of the product and industry-wide best practices. Consultants need the critical knowledge to plan and implement solutions. This training provides them the spectrum of knowledge required to be able to design the right solutions for the varied client requirements.