Remote Monitoring & Management

Remotely monitor the health and operational efficiencies of your ATM estate. Resolve interruptions without having to deploy expensive field staff.

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    Remote Monitoring at a Glance
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Key Features

Gather information about ATM software, hardware and networks
Supply the MSP with activity reports and data
Create appropriate alerts and tickets when problems arise
Track network and device health
Monitor multiple ATMs simultaneously
Automate scheduled maintenance tasks

Performance Indicators

Real-time visibility
Switch-independent monitoring
XFS monitoring for multi-vendor support
Faster dispute resolution with EJ
Content distribution for screen advertising
30% lesser FLM service calls
Predictive maintenance capability
Up to 50% lesser service errors 10-15% improved MTTR

Remote Functionality

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) is designed to help financial institutions and managed service providers (MSPs) remotely manage ATM infrastructure.

Dynamic Problem Solving

RMM technology gives financial institutions and MSPs the ability to manage more ATMs than traditional break/fix providers with more efficiency. RMM allows technicians to remotely install software/updates, administer patches and more. All these functions are provided through a single unified dashboard. Technicians can scale their efforts to administer tasks simultaneously to many ATMs at once instead of individually (or in person). 

Real-Time Visibility

The RMM Agent provides proactive, real-time monitoring of the health of ATM network. Using the built-in web interface, remote access is enabled for ATMs to diagnosis and trigger actions such as system reboots and monitoring transactions in progress. Enjoy greater control of ATMs without any switch dependencies to maximize ATM availability and meet targets.

Remote Resolutions

When the RMM agent detects a problem, an alert ticket is created and sent to the financial institution/MSP, prompting them to take appropriate action needed for resolution. These tickets are classified based on severity, problem type and other factors to prioritize critical versus non-critical issues.

The RMM Agent

The RMM Agent is a small software footprint installed on the ATM and other endpoint devices. The agent feeds information about ATM network and status back to the institutions or MSPs. The collected data gives insights into ATM network health, proactively identify any incidents and powers remote ATM commands for incident resolution -- without incurring high variable costs from dispatching field service personnel.

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