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OperationsBridge, our flagship platform, is the industry's only multi-vendor, multi-tenant, scaleable, and low cost solution for ATM management.

Enterprise Focus

With so many demands for ATM management today, there is a need for a multi-faceted enterprise-fluent approach from development, QA, support and SLA guarantees for performance. The OperationsBridge platform is a purpose-built design that provides all the tools to manage an entire ATM infrastructure over its lifecycle from inception to retirement of a terminal.

Multi Vendor

ATM manufacturers provide management solutions only for their own hardware to the detriment of the customer. In contrast, OperationsBridge is the only independent and agnostic platform in the marketplace for a multi-vendor strategy for both software and hardware. As more customers adopt a multi-vendor strategy to prevent vendor lock-in, OperationsBridge provides multi-vendor readiness right out-of-the-box for any type of machine.

Multi Tenancy

OperationsBridge is a multi-tenant platform for cost-effectiveness, manageability, visibility and leverage. Single instances of OperationsBridge can be segregated by customer, MSP or by group functionality. Users can be assigned role-based access, full access or partial access.

Workflow Based Processes

To manage the countless operations of a healthy ATM estate, workflow-based process automation saves time, effort and cost. Optimal health parameters are set and action triggers are established for any deviations. Pre-built workflow templates and reports are available pre-built. Workflow-based triggers can be manual responses to a help desk or can be an automatic pre-defined escalation tree such as dispatching field service techs. Triggers can also be time-based, condition-based and more.


The OperationsBridge enterprise platform scales infrastructure for thousands or millions of terminals on the network. More resources can be allocated for the network as well as distributing resources optimally. Multiple servers can be used to improve overall performance or specific modules can be distributed in focused areas. For management of multiple geographies, workflows can be split for easier manageability and show global visibility of the overall network.

Analytics Engine

The OperationsBridge enterprise platform has robust analytics to comb through rich amounts of data from the ATM network. Key performance indicators can be tracked and workflow automation triggered for any deviances with dynamic alarms or fix rules. Overall trends, fraud alerts, manufacturer-based reports, incidents, business level reports and more are available in pre-built reports. Business intelligence tools can further discover additional relationships.

Seamless Integration

OperationsBridge is an integrated suite of modules down to the agent level is built with open REST APIs for bi-directional integration of data for easier manageability. It integrates with solutions from help desks, operations reporting and more.

Lower Cost

Compared to legacy solutions, the OperationsBridge enterprise platform has a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Cloud-based deployment further savess over on-premise options. Remote management functions additionally slash costs for the entire network for repairs and maintenance.

For ROI, the enterprise platform enables optimized end-to-end operations with drill down analytics and reports of the ATM network to maximize revenue generation with minimize disruptions.

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