Complete ATM Availability

ESQ's solution provides superior visibility into both operational (availability, incidents) and business (transaction status, downtime) aspects of your device/ATM management.

Real-time Monitoring

OperationsBridge™ monitors network status, terminal state information, and availability event logs from the switch system, resulting in 7x24 monitoring of your fleet.

Predictive Reporting

Predictive, policy based reporting of service outages enables proactive hardware and software fixes, resulting in increased availability for the end users.

Event Correlation

Multiple events or alerts can be combined to trigger pre-defined, automated workflows as well as timely notifications for your fleet operators.

Policies and Views

Policy-based proactive fault-identification reduces field service actions.

Thresholds and Threshold Alerts

OperationsBridge™ supports creating thresholds to define acceptable operational rules and threshold alert templates to report in a specific format.

Request Datasheets

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