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Are you stuck with a solution from the past?

Legacy ATM solutions were created decades ago. Those were different times when devices often did just one thing and ATM estates were simple. 

Consider the industry's most advanced solution. 

OperationsBridge is designed to efficiently tackle the challenges of the modern financial system. It is an end-to-end platform that delivers significantly lower TCO compared to legacy solutions. 

What features are you missing?

  OperationsBridge Leading Legacy Solution
Device Monitoring [fa icon="check"] [fa icon="check"]
Switch Based Monitoring [fa icon="check"]  
Incident Automation [fa icon="check"] [fa icon="check"]
Remote Problem Resolution [fa icon="check"] [fa icon="check"]
Integrated Ticketing & Help Desk [fa icon="check"]  
Software & Hardware Asset Inventory [fa icon="check"] [fa icon="check"]
ATM & POS Transaction Analytics [fa icon="check"]  
Event Correlation [fa icon="check"]   
User Generated Reports (Self-Service) [fa icon="check"]  
Omni Channel Monitoring [fa icon="check"]  
Business KPI Monitoring [fa icon="check"]   

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